Design makes a first impression last.

It establishes a dialog, engages and captivates. It is the thing that holds your attention and keeps you coming back.
Design makes a connection and forms a bond.

Design provokes thought, promotes recognition, understanding & loyalty.

Design is your friend.

It is a collaborative and iterative process. Leveraging our creative and technological expertise we extend in-house marketing and product development teams, offering a fresh perspective and different approach.

EST. 1998

The insight and expertise we bring to our work comes from many hours of trial and error, developing a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Each challenge brings something new to our experience that makes us better at what we do. Our goal is simple; to create work that positively impacts the top-notch enterprises, organizations, and entrepreneurs we proudly represent.

Sight8 has a history of forming partnerships that are lasting and mutually beneficial. We are always looking for opportunities to make things more useful, informative and beautiful.